God, what a long day. Now that I’ve slipped into something a little more comfortable, I’m open to questions and such.

I’ve never been more happy to see a bed in my life. 

Any who, now’s your chance ask away.~

[ Ah, I should probably make my blog pretty. I need to keep up with you guys. ♥ I’ve got my other roleplay account to clean up too, but I’ll do that later. This one first! c:

Talk to me. I don’t biteee. Well, Mistress does, I don’t. ~ ]

posted 2 years ago

Try sexually frustrating my character. Or arousing them. I dare you. Come at me, anons.


And it begins,

So I’ve decided to make one of these Tumblr things, supposedly they’re quite entertaining and a great stress reliever. So here I am, internet. 

Feel free to ask questions or talk. I can’t promise I’ll answer, after all I’m busy running the best prison out there. Aha.~

Who knows, I might answer you. We’ll see.